Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Potpourri Ponderings

Dear Friends,

We are gearing up for our summer tours here, and that means making a few batches of potpourri. I love this task; it is so satisfying to all of the senses. The mixes of dried flowers have such wonderful hand-feel, the scents are uplifting, and the sight of a finished row of potpourri bags makes me smile.

Tasha's potpourri starts with wild-crafted herbs and flowers that are free from pesticides, dyes, and preservatives. They hold their color and scent amazingly well. Since it happened to be a sunny day, I set up production on the picnic table (that Seth Tudor made) in front of the Rookery. With a giant Canton china bowl, and glass measuring cups, the rose petals, lavender, lemon peel, cinnamon sticks, and hibsicus flowers got mixed into our four potpourri scents: Citrus Spice, Golden Flowers, Lavender, and Garden Rose. We then add pure essential oils to help the scent last in your home. I kept thinking of dear Tasha, using nature's gifts to craft something to share. I think she would be pleased that I used the giant Canton bowl on the picnic table like she used to.

The Rookery smelled soooooo good when I brought all the labeled paper bags inside. But poor Jenna came in from the garden and started sneezing---she's allergic to the cinnamon sticks! Can you imagine? For the finishing touch, we set out tiny Canton bowls with samples so visitors can see and smell each variety. What a great day's work!

We now have these in stock online. It's just one of life's little pleasures that Tasha always loved. Which scent is your favorite? Do you have a new suggestion for us? Let me know!

Greetings from Vermont on a sunny potpourri-making day!

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  1. Many of us miss Tasha and appreciate those of you who knew her continuing to share old time way information with us. Thank you for your blog.