Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby Goodness

Dear Friends,

Isn't the excitement and anticipation of a new baby wonderful? With the announcement of Amy and Winslow Tudor's baby arriving this fall, we have lots to celebrate. A few days ago, Christina and I were able to feel baby Tudor kick! It was such an uplifting moment and we were all smiling the rest of the day as we took your orders and answered your emails. What a wonderful existence we have.
This weekend I held a baby shower for a friend who happens to be named Marjorie. Everyone was asked to bring a favorite book for baby, and I chose "Around the Year." This book just seems to capture all Tasha's lifestyle so well, in an easy to read (and memorize) form that both kids and parents love. I also had her choose a print for the baby's room. She and her husband Jimmy chose "Bathtime" which I think was an excellent pick!

That has been my standard gift for the past few baby showers I've attended--a Tasha Tudor book and a print for the baby's room. What do you like to give for baby gifts? Do you have a favorite Tasha Tudor book you give? There are so many to choose from, it is fun to pick one that fits the family's personality.

Take joy, always, and greetings from Vermont on a rainy Tuesday.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and baby news. This is very exciting indeed!!!! Amy looks a wee bit overhelmed and Sophia with a calm steady hand. I will diffently take Joy in all of this. Have a blessed day and congradulations again to Amy and Winslow.

  2. So many congratulations Amy and Winslow! We are very excited for you and know how pleased Tasha would be. I am so glad you decided to Blog- you've made my day!

  3. Hi Natalie. Glad you've started your blog. I've added you to my blog's list of 'favorite, inspiring and fun.' Have a lovely week. Warmly, Cathy ^..^

  4. Hooray for your blog! I so enjoyed my afternoon in June with you all...Can't wait to read more!

  5. What a delight; both your blog and Amy and Winslow's good news. I too have added you to my blog roll of favorites.


    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!

  6. Hello,
    I love your blog! This is the first I have seen of it. Keep up your beautiful writing! Happy Summer Loves!

  7. Hi Natalie, greetings from the West coast!
    What a treat! Thank you for sharing, I love your blog. Myself and daughters met you last September at Pumpkin Moonshine. My daughter Jen is also expecting due in January. My first grandchild. The picture of Amy is so wonderful to see. I cannot thank you enough for all you do and share of your lives and Tasha's. Joy to you. Patti King

  8. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  9. Thank you for your beautiful blog and for sharing about life there. How wonderful to be able to hear of Amy and Winslow's baby and to learn more about the life Tasha created for you all.

  10. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I can't read enough of the lifestyle Tasha created for you all. Thanks for making my day.

  11. Greetings Natalie,

    Congratulations to Winslow and Amy as they await the arrival of their baby... it is such a special time! I remember the first time I felt my daughter kick, it when I was entwining a grapevine wreath.

    So many Tasha Tudor books would be a good choice for a baby gift. A book I gave to a good friend upon the arrival of her daughter was Tasha Tudor's "First Prayers". When another of my good friend's daughters had a birthday we gave her "The Real Pretend". It was a special treat for her because her friend and playmate, our daughter Sarah, was Tasha's model for the illustrations of Kathy in "The Real Pretend". The friend loved coming to our farm and dressing in old fashioned clothing. A Tasha Tudor item makes such a nice gift for a baby or a child because they can enjoy it for years to come.

    Diane and family

  12. Hi Natalie. I just put a link to your aprons on my blog post today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Warmly, Cathy ^..^