Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naturally Clean Home

Dear Friends,

Have you seen our great new little book of interest, The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier? It's bright, cheery, modern cover is so refreshing, as are the recipes inside. I never liked breathing in so many chemicals, and certainly neither did Tasha! Why did we have to do so much damage to our bodies and the environment just to keep things "clean"? I love how Siegel-Maier says that cleaning naturally is actually--gasp!--a pleasure!

I gave a few recipes in her book a go, and I must say I'm impressed and rather addicted to natural cleaning. With only a small investment (mostly in the essential oils--even the book itself is only $10.95) and common household ingredients, you can clean every surface in your home. I do mean every surface: your septic system, your delicate laundry, your wood floors, your mini-blinds, your tools, the leather upholstery in your car, wicker furniture, your barbeque grill....and of course, the kitchen sink! Phew. Good thing all that cleaning is fun :)

I used one of the simple recipes on my old, stained porcelain sink. It turned out beautifully and I didn't have to plug my nose and open the windows after scrubbing. I did have to use a bit of extra elbow grease compared to the 'chemical' cleaners, but it was worth it. The lavender and lemon essential oils I used made the kitchen smell so fresh and comfortable at the same time.

Porcelain Sink Saver, by Karyn Siegel-Maier
1 part sage, rosemary, lemon balm, thyme, or mint, fresh or dried
1 part water

Brew a strong infusion by steeping the herb in hot water for 2 to 3 hours. Strain, reserving the liquid. Close the sink drain, pour in the liquid, and allow it to work for several hours or overnight. If the stain persists, place 4 to 6 drops of your favorite esential oil directly on the stain and then scrub the spot with a baking soda sprinkled on a damp sponge.

Simple Sink Cleanser, by Karyn Siegel-Maier

Bon Ami brand cleanser is made of grated detergent and feldspar and is nontoxic and nonabrasive. Sprinkle it freely in the sink basin and add 5 to 6 essential oil of choice. Scrub and rinse well.

Recipes used with permission: The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn SiegelMaier © Storey Publishing, pgs 37–38.

Both Siegel-Maier and I are fans of Bon Ami cleanser. Have you tried it? It's an old-fashioned favorite, and here in Vermont, I pick it up whenever I visit the Vermont Country Store. If you haven't heard of the Vermont Country Store, you'll love it, I'm sure! They are "Purveyors of the Practical and Hard-to-Find." Here is their website: Vermont Country Store.

Truly, this little book will change how you think about cleaning. Snap up a cute little copy and indulge your senses in the process of cleaning. You'll feel so connected and satisfied...and Tasha would be pleased! You can view and order the book by clicking on this link to our website. Let me know what you think of this book! Tried any recipes? Have any of your own to share?
Greetings from Vermont!


  1. I just unplugged a slow draining bathroom sink using white vinegar and baking soda. It was like making a volcano in science class, but amazingly, it worked!

  2. Cathy,
    I've done that before too--it is fun to see! You add boiling water, too, right? But it's so much more earth-friendly than some of those horrid chemical drain-cleaners. Good old fashioned basic ingredients!