Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whale of a Good Shelf

Dear Friends,

First off, thanks so much for the great response to the blog! I received so many wonderful emails, notes, and comments (and followers!). We're off to a great start.

I just wanted to tell you about Seth's Whale Shelf today. A dear woman just ordered one and I'm sure she'll love it when it arrives. Seth makes them from pine on the family property, and they are just like one on the wall in Tasha's winter kitchen. The silhouette on the side is that of a whale. It has so much old-fashioned charm!

Tasha had hers painted blue, but the one we just sent out was unfinished. I'm telling you, the wood was just a thing of beauty. Creamy white, smooth as can be, I wanted one myself right then and there! I think they'd be perfect for a nautical-themed little boy's room (or an adult study, for that matter!), or any room in a country home. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway?

You can find Seth's Whale Shelves and other items by clicking on this link to our website: Seth's Furniture. Do you have one of Seth's Whale Shelves or an antique one? Tell us about it!


  1. Enjoyed finding your blog. It's always a pleaure reading about the lives of other artists. Thank you for writing about yours!

  2. I am really hoping I am the "dear woman" because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shelf! It is painted a lovely ivory and now hangs in a nook next to my double windows in my dining room. Nestled on the shelves are my tea pots -- part of them -- and they seem fairly proud of their new home!

    I love it! Thanks!

  3. Oh I am SO glad to hear you enjoy the shelf! It must have been you :) I hope your tea pots are very cozy and happy in their new home! Ivory sounds just lovely. Thanks for letting us know!