Monday, September 21, 2009

Booties for Baby!

Oh my goodness, our good friend Sarah from Japan sent Amy the prettiest little package of things for baby! You wouldn't believe how luscious these colors are, the picture doesn't do them justice. Sarah sent the sweetest little leather booties in pistachio green, and a darling little handmade dress. The dress is from a famous designer in France, and Amy had admired a scarf of Sarah's by this designer. Sarah is such a selfless person she gave the scarf to Amy as a gift, and now baby Tudor can have a little outfit to match mom. Isn't it gorgeous? We have the best fans!

P.S. We don't know for sure it's going to be a girl!


  1. Good morning... oh my goodness, those little shoes are adorable! I just came in from the garden and found the Newsletter waiting for me, clicked on the link and discovered your blog. How wonderful! Many blessings to all of you.

  2. Hi, just got back from an outing with a friend to find the new Newsletter was here! I clicked on one of the links and found your blog, I love it. Oh, those little green shoes are the cutest!
    Blessings To All

  3. These little gifts are the sweetest! I cant wait to see what they have :)
    I am also so happy to see a blog from Tasha Tudor and Family!~ Tasha was such an amazing person and artist, she is such an inspiration~

  4. What darling baby things! I love colors of the dress and the booties!

    Best Wishes,

  5. What precious gifts to welcome your new baby! The colors of the dress remind me of candy--so pretty!