Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit with Marjorie

Marjorie Tudor has been working diligently all summer and fall to create these incredible Velveteen (and wild) Rabbit puppets for a very special project: they will be gracing the stage of the Boston Children's Theatre's Christmas production of the classic children's story. It is quite the project, with many rabbits and other creatures to create. These are also hand-puppets (with a few rod puppets), but they were a departure from Marjorie's marionette expertise. She is becoming quite adept at the workings and creation of hand puppets! Here you can see the pieces before they are sewn together, and her beautiful 1950s hand-crank Singer that she so dearly loves:
And here the rabbits are 'becoming real' with their velveteen pieces so beautifully and intricately made (Marjorie lines each piece and they are almost seamless) in a basket, ready to be sewn together to come to life:
The children are just falling in love with the rabbits! They are so life-like and cozy. Marjorie searched high and low for some of the best velveteens and fake furs you've ever seen, it is truly amazing.
The play opens in Boston the first weekend in December 4th. You will certainly want to come see this mix of imagination coming to life with puppetry AND live actors. Marjorie is quite impressed with the caliber of talent in the young performers as she has been in Boston quite often to work closely with the cast and director. In fact, myself and Marjorie went to one of the Theatre's summer productions and were simply astounded at the professional level of production. Here's a picture of ready for the show (we got to go behind the scenes and had V.I.P. seating....very fun!):

Purchase tickets NOW as they are sure to be very popular!!! Click here to go to the Boston Children's Theatre website

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Apron Fabric Coming Soon!

It's that time of year, dear ones, for cooking and baking! In fact, a friend just gave me some lemon squares and butterscotch bars she'd baked up :) I'm about ready to tie on my apron and make some more goodies myself (though we've all been baking apple things right?).

New apron fabric is coming soon! We have two beautiful dark prints for fall and winter. They are 1800s reproduction fabrics, and we chose with Tasha in mind. Let us know what you think!

It's also sewing and knitting season again, with all of those projects we've been putting off for Christmas presents! What sorts of projects are you working on?

Besides whipping up aprons, I've got some other personal projects up my sleeve (with that pretty green and yellow almost byzantine-honeycomb fabric, isn't it lovely? The green print is my notepad, always handy to have nearby for quick calculations and ideas while sewing!) These are just a few pics from my sewing studio, which I straightened up this weekend. When it's chilly outside but still sunny, I love a productive sewing day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elizabeth Rose

Ellizabeth and I had a great time together at the office today while Amy caught up on a few emails. She likes to be swayed to sleep, and here she is, asleep after a good sway with me! Amy took this picture! More pictures to come...and the Early Bird Post is flying out soon :)