Monday, September 21, 2009

Booties for Baby!

Oh my goodness, our good friend Sarah from Japan sent Amy the prettiest little package of things for baby! You wouldn't believe how luscious these colors are, the picture doesn't do them justice. Sarah sent the sweetest little leather booties in pistachio green, and a darling little handmade dress. The dress is from a famous designer in France, and Amy had admired a scarf of Sarah's by this designer. Sarah is such a selfless person she gave the scarf to Amy as a gift, and now baby Tudor can have a little outfit to match mom. Isn't it gorgeous? We have the best fans!

P.S. We don't know for sure it's going to be a girl!

Baby Shower Blessings

Can you believe baby Tudor is due almost any day now? We are so excited and I'm sure you are too. We had a baby shower at the Rookery for Amy and Winslow a few weeks ago, and boy (or girl?!) was it fun! Bright pinks and greens decorated the Rookery, with crepe paper flower streamers hung from the ceiling, balloons tied up, colorful tablecloths and beautiful bright flowers everywhere (thanks, Jenna!).

Our dear friend Kate (those of you on the September tours met Kate working the marionettes in Marjorie's theatre) made this lovely flower crown for the guests of honor! And our other dear friend, Kathleen (whom you can meet if you come to the Hildene or Newfane craft shows coming right up) knit this beautiful little sweater set. I think Amy is going to use this as the "bringing home baby" outfit. You can see some jars of baby food in the foreground...yes, we made Amy and Winslow taste-test some baby foods. They didn't get a single one right, but I think they decided it's going to be natural foods for baby instead of unidentifiable jarred food.

Overall we had a splendid time preparing for the new baby and are just so excited to meet our newest office staff member. We'll have another little one calling out to you when you place your phone orders!

On a chilly Vermont (almost-Fall) Monday,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Office Hours

Most of you probably notice that recently our office hours have been changing somewhat sporadically...I just wanted to clue you in on the reason, dear friends! I, Natalie, have been commuting up to Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, to get my Master's degree in Creative Writing! But Dartmouth has this funny quarter-term system, so my class schedule changes every two or three months.

Since I'm the one in the office most days, answering your emails and phone calls, I am SO grateful to Amy and the rest of the family for allowing my schedule to be flexible. We really are a family business here (even if I'm not quite family!). Thank you so much for your patience and support!