Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Storm and Easter Eggs

Dear Friends,

Oh my goodness, we are finally getting winter here in southern Vermont! Our friends in Virginia, Washington, DC, and even Texas had more snow than we did up until this week. It's been snowing for about 48 hours, giving us two feet so far. It has changed to rain now, but we're supposed to get Round 2 of the snow this afternoon. The power was out for about 24 hours. Unfortunately, that means we aren't in the office this week, but we are monitoring email and will get your orders out just as soon as we can possibly get out of the driveway!

On a much brighter note, I have a sneak peek of our annual Blown Goose eggs for you! Tasha's traditional blown goose eggs inspire the ones we create each year. We searched long and hard to find the same thin velvet ribbons, Victorian paper scraps, and vintage Dresden trims. This year, we even have some new trims and designs (and colors and sizes!), and can't wait to share them with you. The eggs will go on sale in the next Early Bird Post which should go out early next week, after we dig out from the storm(s)! Until then, a few pictures of the eggs that inspire ours, made by Tasha and her family many years ago...


Good thing we like to snuggle up by woodstoves, read, finish half-forgotten projects, sew, and, of course, finish our garden plans!

Our very best from a Vermont winter wonderland,


  1. Good morning, Natalie! So glad I found your beautiful blog today!

    I love Tasha Tudor--always have--what a wonderful job this must be for you! Looking forward to visiting often and seeing what's new...hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. I check your sight often and always enjoy reading it. Please know that many are checking in to see what is going on in your world. I live in Texas and always have enjoyed the news from the northeast. It is 70 degrees here this week. Blossoms are coming out on neighborhood trees and new leaves are appearing on my rose bushes.