Monday, March 22, 2010

Art Stands and Airplanes

Hello dear readers and friends,

I'm sure you all saw the adorable doll-size copies Seth made of Tasha's art stand  a few weeks back. They sure sold out in a hurry, but don't worry, he made a new batch and you can still order them here.

One of our fans, Bridget from Massachusetts, wrote us to say how much she is enjoying her art-stand: I've received the doll-size art stands and they are very special. I'm never disappointed with my garden visits or whatever I order. Be sure to let Seth know these are very nicely done! I have two doll-size (or salesman sample) dressers on my full-size bedroom dresser, and they are perfect scale to sit on top of those little dressers. And with a book or small picture on display, it is delightful. 

She even sent us this wonderful picture of her little vignette, complete with a locket with pictures of her mother and father at age 16. We just love to hear these stories that show Tasha's inspiration and lifestyle still carries on in family traditions like this.

Bridget also let us know about the article in the Boston Globe a month back, you may have already seen it, entitled 100 Years Ago, First Plane Takes Flight in Region. It has some great information on Tasha's father, W. Starling Burgess and his aviation endeavors in the early 1900s. "The showstopper was a 'heavier-than-air' biplane built in Marblehead by W. Starling Burgess, an assemblage of wood, paper, and linen..." It is quite a legacy. Click here to read more!

Don't forget: Garden tours go on sale Tuesday, March 23rd at 10am EDT! Info here!

Also, I miscounted the stock on the little blue blown duck eggs for Easter, and we still have two left in stock! We also have a handful of the larger goose eggs, too! Click here to see...

On a rainy and muddy Vermont evening,

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  1. I am delighted to have just ordered a little art stand. Thank you, Natalie, for pointing out the availability of it!