Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sophia Turns 2

Dear friends,

Oh, where did our wonderful spring weather go? It has been cold and rainy for what seems like days on end! But we know how to fix that...a party!

 Christina and birthday girl, Sophia, eating strawberry shortcake!

Goodness, has it already been a year that we've had this blog? My very first post was on Sophia's first birthday (you can read about it here). My, has she grown up, as you can see from the pictures below! Sophia, of course, is Christina's (our wonderful packer/shipper extraordinaire) little girl. Of course this occasion called for a party, because we here at Tasha Tudor and Family love an excuse to celebrate (don't you?).

 Party table!

We gathered at the Rookery with lots of food (mmmm...pasta with edamame and chicken, baked brie with grapes and crackers, and more!) and all of our favorite people, including Kathleen of recent needle-felting fame. Of course we decorated with the ribbon banner Christina made for Sophie's first birthday, that she plans to add to each year with new ribbons and pictures. Isn't that such a wonderful keepsake idea? You can see it in the top right corner of this picture below.

Sophia with Kathleen, watching Meggie the corgi

Sophia was actually taking her nap right before her party, and was a bit sleepy at first. Christina made the most delicious strawberry shortcakes for birthday dessert, which of course woke little Sophie right up! Then, presents! Sophia LOVES dogs, and a dog sticker book was very exciting!

She was also given If You Give a Mouse a Cookie the book and stuffed animal (to which she promptly tried to peel the cookie out of his hand!), some adorable clothes (including a set that matches with Ellie Tudor!).

 Little Ellie and Soph are good friends, and of course Ellie was interested in the dogs, too!

And Sophia also received a....Haws watering can! Tasha loved to use this traditional English brand of watering can, and now they make them tiny (and in plastic), in a huge range of colors, for children and indoor plants. She'll be a Haws aficionado in no time... and, of course, we need her help in the gardens!

It kept her entertained (and soaking wet!) for quite some time :-) 

Would any of you be interested if we carried the Haws watering cans, in regular and/or tiny sizes?

Happy Second Birthday, Sophia!! We love having her and her mom around, and we are so blessed to be able to have such a family business. Thank you for your support!

On another rainy May day in Vermont,


  1. The watering can looks interesting. What are its positive points compared to other types?

  2. Hello there! The Haws watering cans are known for the 'roses' that come with them (not pictured here, because it could easily be lost by a 2-year-old!). We love it because when you put the rose filter on upside-down, it is the perfect gentle rain for new plants. When they're a bit stronger, you can turn the rose spout-down. Then, you can remove it altogether. And let's not forget...they're lovely looking perched around the garden! This link will tell you more: