Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For the Love of Pinafores

If you've read the little "bio" about me on the right-hand side, you'll see that I love wearing my pinafore. The way that bottom ruffle flounces out with every step just makes me feel so feminine! They are just so charming, especially with the straw hats and bare feet! I thought I'd share a few photographs of us here at Tasha Tudor and Family, wearing out lovely pinafores recently for garden tours. If you have good pics of us from the tour, please, email them to us, we'd love to see!

L to R: Sophia, Natalie, Christina, Amy, and Jenna (A picture of Jenna! She's hard to catch!)

Little Sophia saw the tour group arriving and came running to greet us! (Sophia and Natalie)

But then she got distracted by the chickens!  (Amy, Sophia, and chickens)

Even Elizabeth Rose enjoyed the garden tours (and the watermelon):

Winslow and Ellie with watermelon

Ellie was a very good helper on the tour, making sure everyone saw all of the best views:

The garden tours are done for the summer now, until September. It is always a bit sad to see everyone leave at the end of the tour. But we'll be seeing some of you in September, so we'll try not to be too sad!

Several of you also bought pinafores of your own on the tours, I think. We'd love to see pictures of you wearing your Tasha Tudor style pinafores, too! You can purchase yours here if you still don't have one!
Happy Pinafore-wearing,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Found: Tartlet Pans

Remember how I couldn't find small tart pans after going to three stores? I found them! Should you be in the same predicament, wanting to make Jennifer's beautiful Lemon-Blackberry tarts smaller, Williams-Sonoma to the rescue! Click here to purchase these tart pans from Williams-Sonoma, which get rave reviews on the quality for the (not too terribly high) price.

image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Happy Baking!