Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tasha's Birthday Celebration

 {Natalie waiting for the festivities to begin, in a dress handmade by Marjorie Tudor}

Thank you SO much for joining together on August 28th, (aka Tasha Tudor Day), what would have been Tasha's 95th birthday. It was so wonderful to know that so many were celebrating and remembering with us. Whether you had a snatched moment for tea in the middle of a busy afternoon, or a whole day of festivities, I hope Tasha Tudor Day brought you a bit of the quiet, comforting pleasure that Tasha's world and work evoke. 

 {Sophia with handful of cookies, watching Winslow}

Seth, Marjorie, Winslow, Amy, Ellie, Christina, Sophie, and myself celebrated on Saturday with some good old-fashioned hand-cranked ice cream and a picnic! But wait...we didn't make just any old ice cream. We made Once-A-Year Cheesecake Ice Cream (recipe by Leslie Newman of Food & Wine, available here)!

{once-a-year cheesecake ice cream}

Oh what a delectable, indulgent treat! Even Elizabeth Rose Tudor got in on the action:

{I love this picture of Elizabeth Rose Tudor at 11 months old, wearing a dress gifted by her Grammy and Grandpa who brought it back from Germany!}

{Natalie cranking ice cream rather energetically!}

I baked some of Jen Tudor Wyman's Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes, her recipe for the month on our website. They were the perfect indulgence (and the bright pops of berry were refreshing!) with our Cheesecake ice cream.

{Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes}

So delicious that they were quite difficult for a two-year-old to resist!


Since a few of us on the Tudor property are gluten-free, I attempted to make this recipe gluten-free. It actually worked out marvelously. I used Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Mix (mine was Hodgson Mill) in place of the flour, and added an extra 1/4 cup, and that was it. Everyone said they'd never have guessed they were gluten free.

{with Anna's Swedish ginger thins, one of Tasha's favorites}

Now, I know you are all anxiously waiting to see if you've won anything, and we will be announcing that just as soon as we can this week.

{Meggie is also impatient to know the winners! Or maybe she was just wanting Marjorie to share some ice cream with her!}

As we head into autumn,


  1. Dear Natalie and the Tudor Family,

    The pink frock that Marjorie made is lovely! The little girls look darling, too!

    Meggie looks just like our Katrina Corgi. We know how Corgyn love ice cream!

    Your birthday treats look delicious!

    Glad you all had a delightful Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration!

    We had a full weekend of celebration, topped off with an antiquing trip with delightful finds we know Tasha would have loved! Your readers can click on to our blog from your sidebar under your list of "Blogs We Like" at "The Corgyncombe Courant".

    Diane, daughter Sarah, the corgyn, the goaties, and the dolls at Corgyncombe Cottage

  2. Lovely pictures and the dresses are beautiful...the ice cream looks devine!!!

  3. What a great day you all had. The cupcakes look delicious, we love that combination of raspberry and coconut here so those are on the list to try soon! Natalie, tell Marjorie the dress is just lovely! I wore an old-fashioned frock too on Tasha Tudor Day. Of course it turned out to be 95 here so off came the petticoat and then eventually the dress and on came a skirt and cotton short sleeved top...LOL! Elizabeth's dress is just darling--what an heirloom! I look forward to you announcing the winners and hearing the squeals of delight;-)

  4. The cupcakes look delicious,lovely pictures
    The dresses are beautiful

  5. love the dresses and all that yummy food..wish I could have been there to sample the goodies.:)

  6. What a perfectly lovely way to celebrate Tasha's Day. Everything looks like it was so wonderful, from weather, to people, to food, to dress.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures and your post about how you all celebrated.