Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ellie Turns One

{the birthday girl and her mommy}

Dear Friends,

Almost two months ago our dearest little Elizabeth Rose turned one year old. Can you believe it? Time sure flies! She has brought such grace, laughter, and happiness to all our lives. We only wish that her Great Granny Tasha could be here to see her grow up each day.

 {Ellie plays with one of her presents, a puzzle}

Elizabeth Rose is such a fun little girl...she gives the best big smiles, points to everything she finds interesting or pretty, and is a rather discriminating eater. Her personality just shines through.

 {Ellie smiling and pointing with Daddy, Winslow}

{Sophia waiting for lunch}

Amy and Winslow planned a lovely autumnal celebration for their little girl. Hay bales served as seating for family and friends, whilst a trough became a table base. So clever and pretty.

 {Christina, Amy, and Natalie trying to distract Sophie from eating hay}

The (adult!) guests dipped apples into a copper pot of homemade caramel. I just love how Winslow whittled real sticks to use as handles for the caramel apples.

Ellie politely tried some of the cake that Winslow made, but only once she was given a spoon, she did not want to use her hands!

But her best, most wonderful present was the rocking horse! She smiles so much when she rides it, I wonder if it's more fun for her or for those of us watching her. She just makes our hearts so happy.

Happy First Birthday, Elizabeth! We love you!