Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweets for Your Sweets

Sunday afternoons...ahh, Sunday afternoons. There are some things that can only be accomplished in the empty space that is Sunday afternoon. Perhaps, for instance, handmade truffles for those you love?

 {key lime truffles rolled and ready to be dipped in chocolate}

Yes, these truffles are labor-intensive and require the space of a whole afternoon to make a few kinds (one batch can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time). But that's what makes them such a special, handmade-with-love gift idea. Tasha often quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson,  "The only gift is a portion of thyself." Giving must be of's talents, time, and love...especially for Valentine's Day!

I made two kinds: Key Lime Truffles coated in chocolate, and Grand Marnier Truffles coated in cocoa with candied ginger on top. Together, the two textures look great in the little wooden box. And no, I didn't reuse little candy cups from previous chocolates (hehe), you can buy them here, or at your local kitchen store like I did (we like to support local businesses!).

 {illustration copyrighted from Tasha Tudor's out-of-print book, All for Love. Click here to check for it on our just-updated Rare Book Shelves!}

Guaranteed to get you lots of Love and Kisses from those lucky enough to receive some of your delicious truffles!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day Party

It's no secret that Tasha loved Valentine's Day, as do all of us here at Tasha Tudor and Family. But this particular year happened to be a "Secret Cupid" party! We drew names and each made or purchased a little present for our secret cupid. Kathleen, shepherdess extraordinaire, received a "Beautiful Sheep" book; Marjorie received a handmade birchbark paintbrush holder; and Amy looked lovely wearing the handmade earrings from her secret cupid! I have already written a few notes on the vintage-inspired stationary I received! (My secret cupid had a sharp eye...I write lots of letters!)

Fabric isnt just for sewing...we used plenty of our new fabric for decorating, tucking it behind Pink Luster and around the cupcake stand. {above: pink toile, pink stripe and blue toile} I also spy some Rhubarb & Custard lollipops in a little white jar!

Doves and cardinals were tucked here and there...

Those pink cupcake wrappers and the culinary lavender I mentioned earlier?

This cupcake stand holds some rose-and-lavender cupcakes that were quite delectable! Just a perfect little romantic treat. To your cupcake recipe (perhaps Tasha's White Cake Receipt from the Tasha Tudor Cookbook?), just add a splash of rosewater and a small amount of well-crushed culinary lavender (be sure it's an edible, non-sprayed kind!).

A friend made heart-shaped candy lollipops, pink Ginger Ale was the drink of choice, and Kathleen made a chocolate mocha cake. Kathleen also made the heart-shaped cookies for the Tasha Tudor Museum's Valentine event, and happened to be a few left for our own enjoyment. Accented, of course, by some of Tasha's lovely china that we keep and use at the Rookery.

We hope you enjoyed the day with your loved ones! All of my thanks to Jenna, Kathleen, Majorie, Amy, and everyone who made this party so lovely.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teacup C Has a New Home

Teacup winner Lila from our December Giveaway did a lovely blog post of the pink luster teacup she won! We thought you might enjoy reading her excitement (she "LOVES" it!) and seeing her lovely pictures.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yogurt Streusel Coffee Cake

Jen Tudor has done it again. Ruined my waistline with this recipe.

I'll just go snowshoeing again on top of the 20 new inches of snow we're getting as I type this...I have a feeling I will have to snowshoe very far to work off all of this coffee cake I'm eating.

But...wait. I just re-read Jen's introduction to the recipe.  I see the word 'healthy'! Never mind that I also see the words 'little' and 'bit.' I'm hanging on to that 'healthy.'

This delectable treat is so pretty, too. Just the thing for a few cups of tea in front of the fireplace on a snow-day like today. I replaced the vanilla yogurt in Jen's Receipt with raspberry yogurt and swirled some jam in the batter.

Then I couldn't resist a rose-colored glaze. Warm up the kitchen and wipe away the winter blues. Replace them with pink...can anyone tell I'm ready for Valentine's Day? I'm bursting with Valentine's ideas...

{something involving pink cupcake liners}

{and culinary lavender from a dear friend and fan}
Oh dear, I see exactly where this is heading. More snowshoeing...

If it's storming outside, bake up a storm inside,