Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yogurt Streusel Coffee Cake

Jen Tudor has done it again. Ruined my waistline with this recipe.

I'll just go snowshoeing again on top of the 20 new inches of snow we're getting as I type this...I have a feeling I will have to snowshoe very far to work off all of this coffee cake I'm eating.

But...wait. I just re-read Jen's introduction to the recipe.  I see the word 'healthy'! Never mind that I also see the words 'little' and 'bit.' I'm hanging on to that 'healthy.'

This delectable treat is so pretty, too. Just the thing for a few cups of tea in front of the fireplace on a snow-day like today. I replaced the vanilla yogurt in Jen's Receipt with raspberry yogurt and swirled some jam in the batter.

Then I couldn't resist a rose-colored glaze. Warm up the kitchen and wipe away the winter blues. Replace them with pink...can anyone tell I'm ready for Valentine's Day? I'm bursting with Valentine's ideas...

{something involving pink cupcake liners}

{and culinary lavender from a dear friend and fan}
Oh dear, I see exactly where this is heading. More snowshoeing...

If it's storming outside, bake up a storm inside,


  1. That does sound like a delicious receipt! I love how you made it your own, tweaking with adding the raspberry ingredients--I think that sounds divine:-)

  2. I bake much more when there is snow on the ground!!!
    One must have something wonderful for teatime!
    We are getting more snow as I type....time to make a yogurt cake!

    I love those PINK paper liners!

  3. Dear Natalie,

    The Yogurt Streusel Coffee Cake looks scrumptious and luscious with its pink icicle-like icing!

    How we enjoyed Winslow's Valentine Tea Story! We just love the photograph of sweet little Ellie reaching into the birch bark mailbox! This reminds us so of the illustration that Tasha did of Sarah looking into the post box that was made into the "Be Mine" Valentine Calendar and Card. We love how Ellie's dressed!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant