Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Rare Books on Our Shelves

Every few months, we fill up our Rare Book Shelves with beautiful copies of Tasha's rare and out-of-print books. This is the perfect time to fill in your collection!

Of interest this time around: English Cottage Gardening, a primer on the style, complete with an introduction to Tasha's garden (and did we mention the simple diagram of the layout of Tasha's house?). This book is often overlooked by collectors. Be sure to snap up your copy!

And Springs of Joy, one of my favorite Tasha Tudor books. The illustrations are so delicate and classically Tasha-Tudor...young girls sketching, young boys playing with corgis in the woods...all combined with poetry and quotations selected to bring the Springs of Joy to one's heart. A perfect gift-book for any occasion!

{We keep our dust jacket covers in this antique wrapping paper holder...don't you just love it?}

Getting our rare books ready for their new homes is a labor of love. We carefully select, describe, clean, and cover each book that comes our way. The books come to you straight from us in Vermont, with the new clear dust jacket cover embossed with our special "Tudor Rose." Aren't special touches so nice in this increasingly internet-saturated, special-touch-devoid world?

From a rainy, very gray Vermont,


  1. I own English Cottage Gardening for American Gardeners and it is an amazing book, and the photos of Tasha's garden are stunning. Its a perfect read for this time of year when people are planning out their gardens and what to plant. My cottage garden gets bigger every year!

  2. Dear Natalie,

    The Corgyncombe Courant library has many Tasha Tudor older editions but there are still more that we would like to acquire. "Springs of Joy" with all the wildflowers and daisies bordering on the cover has always been one of our favorites! We love the baby in the basket on the cover! It reminds us of our doll, Domestic and Darling Daisy's, Baby doll in a basket. We hope to have a post soon showing Daisy and her Baby doll, Clara and her Baby doll, and Annabelle M'liss.

    What a nice old paper roller you have! It lends such a nice old fashioned feel to your store! We have always loved old store paper rollers. I have some large ones for my old fashioned pretend store, a petite 7 1/2 inch long paper roller for the Corgyncombe Herbary, and a sweet little one for our dolls, that Daisy uses for wrapping her baked goods, that also has a little bell on it. Such fun to wrap things up using an old roller!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant, where the snowbanks are higher than ever from Monday's storm

  3. Oh how I cherish my TT books!! ;-)
    (I posted two of my most DEAR books today)... (I also put the Rookery link in up as well)
    It is RAINY here in NY too!
    Blessings, linnie

  4. My copy of English Cottage Gardening arrived today, right in the middle of a tornado warning...what a faithful postman!! What inspiration on a stormy day, over a cup of hot tea. It was so beautifully wrapped...thank you to the girls at the Rookery.
    P.s. Wishing Marjorie a happy birthday!