Saturday, March 19, 2011

Polka Dot Slush


There is always something in nature to surprise us. Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window on a rainy/sleety/slushy/snowy/muddy Wednesday and found this cheerfully polka-dotted slush covering the driveway! I simply had to pull on my wellies (see, we weren't kidding in Mary Jane's Farm when we said our wellies are always at the ready, especially this time of year) and run outside to snap a picture. I'm sure there's a great, meteorological reason for the polka dots, but I'd rather just marvel in the blessing.

It was the perfect day to write a few letters on Tasha Tudor's "Springtime" writing paper. I truly love this is so charmingly detailed and happy. My pen (this one a previous gift from Jenna, our gardener, who knows I love to write letters) just writes so wonderfully across it's finely textured surface. Opposite my "Writer's Bio" in MaryJane's Farm this month, MaryJane talks about penmanship and the hand-written letter. As many of you know, Tasha enjoyed writing letters and wrote to countless fans and friends over the years. If you have a copy of a letter Tasha has sent you (or many, as the case may be), we'd love to see copies for the Tasha Tudor Museum's burgeoning collection.

And you know me, I couldn't resist baking some gluten-free scones on a rainy/sleety/slushy/snowy/muddy day. A treat is just required, it seems, with extra tea. It's the time of year where it's so back and forth weather-wise, that we need to fortify our spirits a bit. Spring will come, a day at a time...Friday was nearly 60 degrees! Pretty soon we will be marking the first iced tea on the porch, but until then...scones and hot tea to get us through. 


  1. How perfectly enchanting....polka dots!!! So happy you found something in the rainy/sleety/slushy/snowy/muddy day to bring you much pleasure. The scones look delish!!!

  2. Finally had a chance to settle down with my new issue of Mary Jane's Farm earlier this afternoon only to jump up out of my seat in excitement upon finding your article! What a wonderful surprise...I savored every word along with a hot cup of tea. Now if only I'd had such lovely scones to go with it...

  3. "Wellie Well Well Wellie" !!!
    What a GREAT Pok-a-dot Picture!!!!!
    Blessings, Linnie

    PS Great article in MJ Butters!