Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Special Friends

I received the most lovely little package in the mail from a special fan and friend in Estonia! Can you imagine? Tasha fans in Estonia! We love it!

{This map from Wikipedia shows Estonia in dark green in relation to the rest of Europe}

Epp Maria is an artist and proprietor of a wonderful little cafe/art gallery/cake gallery. She sent me this lovely package:

I'm quite enamored by the stamps.
But it only got lovelier inside!

The card featured her artwork of this regal woman and swans...and she included a datebook featuring her artwork (and three different languages!).

Ooooo...I think I spy a ballerina riding a corgi!

{All artwork copyright Epp Maria}

Thank you so much for such a lovely gift, Epp Maria, and for letting me share it! It makes me feel so grateful to be able to share Tasha's work and inspiration with friends all around the world.


  1. Tasha was beloved internationally. I adored her writings, art & admired her lifestyle for years!
    Your pics are beautiful! What a nice surprise...
    Have a Great Day!

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    Oh it is so much fun! We've had fans from Japan, Korea, Australia, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, and more, but this is our first customer from Estonia! It's wonderful.

  3. It's a lovely package...what a fun surprise! And today, a package by "snail mail" is even more special. Not quickly zipped off, but time was taken to prepare, package, and send it. -Mary

  4. What beautiful artwork! Such a blessing to receive a package as lovely as that. I have a dear friend who is a missionary in Estonia, they are renowned for their lacemaking and has sent me back some lovely pieces, knowing my fondness for lace:-) Enjoy your gift!
    Suzanne from Blueberry Cottage

  5. Beautiful work, and a lovely gift.