Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things We Like: Traditional Medicinals Tea

Introducing a new series for the blog: Things We Like! We're starting off with an appropriate "thing we like" today, as a cold is sweeping it's way through the office...Traditional Medicinals Teas.

 {One of Rosemary's books, which includes the story of how she met Tasha, is available on our website here...hurry, only a few copies left!}

You may not know that Tasha's good friend, herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, was a co-founder of the Traditional Medicinals tea company and did all of the original formulations for the fledgling company. While the company has grown exponentially since then, their products and mission remain the same: pharmacopoeial quality herbs backed by tasty formulations founded on the basis of traditional herbal medicine.

While we certainly don't guarantee any medicinal qualities from the teas, nor do we endorse them or offer this as medical advice, we do love their teas! Across-the-board favorites include Throat Coat teas for sore throats and Gypsy Cold Care for soothing colds.

One of my personal favorites is Chamomile Lavender, which is a traditional combination known to soothe tension, stress, and nervous stomachs. It's a "treat tea" for me; somehow, it seems special to drink lavender in tea. I'm drinking some right now!

Of course, Tasha preferred to use her own herbs for teas. If you'd like to learn how to make your own teas from the herb circle in your garden, check out our booklet, 15 Herbs for Tea, available here on our website. In the meantime, I've got a good stock of Traditional Medicinals to ride out the rest of winter.


  1. Dear Natalie,

    We love to grow and harvest our own herbs for teas and delightful flavorings at the Corgyncombe Herbary! Just love being out in the Garden of Herbs! Awhile back I acquired a wooden implement with roller and trough for crushing dried herbs that is so much fun to use!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  2. Dear Natalie,
    I just love Rosemary's Family Herbal book and it is 'oft my go to for remedies off the beaten path. It was really a delight to meet her at Tasha's Memorial Service and talk herbs. She encouraged me to take her distance learning course and really learn alot more about herbal medicine. I did a blog post on our trip to Old Sturbridge Village we went on recently. My youndgest daughter Lydia loved taking the "Remedies" class. You can see her crushing the herbs in the picture with an old fashioned implement. My daughter Sophia took cooking and told the teacher the hot chocolate was not as good as Tasha's...LOL! Hows that for childhood honesty!
    here is the post:

    Suzanne from Blueberry Cottage

  3. How marvelous about Rosemary Gladstar! We buy those teas. I'm on my way to do some shopping with you at TT & FI!

  4. @Suzanne...Too funny that Sophia said that! You'll remember I posted about Tasha's hot chocolate a few months back, and Sophia is right, it's pretty hard to beat!

    @Christine, We got your order and will send it out today! Thanks :-)