Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Decorated Easter Eggs

 {detail of Easter egg Dresden trim}

We've been busy-busy bunnies here at the Rookery working on our special, handmade Easter eggs that will be going on sale this week (tomorrow, we hope!). We use blown goose, duck, and quail eggs just like Tasha did; Victorian paper scraps decoupaged just like Tasha used; gold Dresden trims from Germany, just like Tasha used; the tiniest velvet ribbons and gold trims....just like Tasha did! We top each unique egg with a ribbon topper and a tassel for hanging (or, on the quail eggs, as Sophie loves to say, "tiny bows"),  but not before giving each egg one final, glossy coat! These go quickly each year, so be on the lookout in the Kitchen & Home section of our website before they all hop off to new homes!

4/5/11 Update: Eggs are available NOW! Click here to Order.


  1. So very, very pretty!!
    Have a Wonderful Evening!

  2. Oh how FUN!!
    My Goose Buttercup already has laid a perfect batch for me (and some of my friends)
    I started blowing them out this week :-)
    We plan to decorate them this Sat with the Grandiekiddies yippy!

    Have sooo much FUN!!!!
    Blessings Linnie

  3. Please, oh please, let me be first on the list!! They sound absolutely lovely!
    You girls are the best!!

    If you have a spare minute ..I would be honored to have you visit me at


  4. Sooo egg-cited!! I now anxiously await for my order to arrive.....what wonderful gifts they'll be this Easter!

    Happy sparkly snow day to you girls at the Rookery!

  5. i couldn't have been more happy when I discovered this blog,, i have all Tash Tudors books,, have tried many havr recipes,, made owls, puppets and candles as in her books,, such a remarkable humble woman.I love her art and I love most of all ,,, her,I even made the wattle fence to edge our flower beds,, wow this is so great.I 'm new to blogging and i am having so much fun,, thankyou for sharing,,