Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Late-Spring Snow

'Twas the Night Before Easter and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
The Easter eggs were hung on the willow tree with care, 
In hopes that the Easter Bunny soon would be there....

     There was a snowstorm on Saturday, the day before Easter. It was beautiful, to be sure.Was it welcome? see, there's just so much work to be done in the garden....and so many daffodils to bloom...and....

     Instead of bemoaning the snowstorm right before Easter, Marjorie and I snuggled up in her cozy house, woodstove cranking. I hurried inside, leaving my wellies at the door, and she immediately plopped me in a cozy loveseat and covered me with a quilt. I snuggled with Ellie's favorite two stuffed corgis that she left at "Nana's" house (more on those later). Peppermint tea was brought to me in a beautiful mug, and Marjorie showed me her latest creations...two lovely doll heads/faces, while I happily sipped tea and 'ooooo-ed and ahhhh-ed.' 

 {click the photo to make it larger}

     There's just something special about Tudor family homes in the evening. They fill my heart to overflowing with a sense of home and comforting familiarity. They envelop you in a hug. No matter how long you've been gone, the down pillows on the couch will cradle you like they've missed you ever so much. The dogs lay at your feet, as if they are helping to ease the burden of your day, that they, too, are commiserating the harsh blow of a late-April storm.


  1. Marjorie's house is indeed comfortable and she is a most gracious hostess! When a friend and I spent the day a few years ago making cut wool bunnies with Marjorie she served us delicious chicken soup in tea cups with dainty little sandwiches. It was a pleasant day indeed! There is nothing like a corgi at your feet, I agree :-)
    Take care,
    Suzanne from Blueberry Cottage

  2. How utterly cozy & enchanting!!

  3. I believe you have painted the most beautiful portrait of life in Vermont...amongst wonderful friends and their cozy home! You make a Tennessee woman long for a home in New England!!

    Warmest blessings sweet Natalie,