Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Springtime in Paris

Tasha Tudor and Family is very grateful for gardener Jenna! Grateful enough that they sent her to enjoy springtime in Paris! Well, Springtime in Paris in Philadelphia: the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show in March! This is one of the foremost flower shows, one that is mind-boggling in it's scale. They recreated just about every aspect of Paris in flowers: the flower markets, the underground, the cafes, the couture.

Jenna came back full of awe for the spectacular show. As she says, "We were there 3 days, at the show for 9 hours straight on Friday. The show was a block and a half long with the theme 'Spring in Paris'. Everything smelled amazing. There was still 4 feet of snow in Vermont."

 All photos copyright and courtesy of Kevin Burke

 I think her last sentence says it all : There was still 4 feet of snow in Vermont! What a treat in March! Can't you almost smell it? I'm certain that Jenna returned with renewed vigor and excitement for Tasha's garden. Now that the 4 feet of snow are gone, the hard work has begun!


  1. Dear Natalie,
    How wonderful that Jenna experienced a taste of Paris through the flower show! I am sure she came home a newly inspired gardener. Tasha spent time in France, Provence I believe. I remember seeing a photo of her with a cat taken as she was looking out a window. Of course, I can't recall if I saw that in The L.E.T.T.E.R. or in the Take Joy publication. Now I must go look to satisfy my curiousity:-) It's a lovely day here in New England and I just planted more Baptisia, a plant whose color I just love seeing! Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Happy gardening,
    Suzanne at Blueberry Cottage

  2. How positively enchanting...a Paris-themed flower show event.....such a fortunate Jenna!!!
    Xavier picked hundreds of yellow dandelion blooms up and down our drive, this spring...placing each loved flower in his child-sized wheelbarrow. Aren't these little ones precious? Helping us grown ones to slow to their pace, and take in the wonder seen through their very special eyes.
    So happy to see your lovely post....and you...such a treat, always, dear friend.