Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Update

{Winslow weeding on the upper terrace, where Marjorie planted lots of pansies}

There has been so much wonderful work done in the garden lately! The gourd and sweet pea trellises have been built and installed by Winslow, the pansies have been planted in abundance by Marjorie, the weeding has been done with diligence by Jenna. How exciting!

{the rest of the pansies waiting on Tasha's porch}

And the bulbs look amazing! Tasha's garden has over 100 different varieties of narcissus and crocus...a veritable seed catalogue on the terraces and under the crabapple trees! The upper terraces  feature many rows of the small tete a tete, one of my favorites. Here are just a few:

Christina, our shipper/packer, said the other day, "I only have a few paltry crocuses...but Spring really comes to Tasha's garden!" and she's right. Tasha's garden really comes alive in Spring.

 {Jenna takes a break from gardening early in the season to say hello to Annie} 

It's so exciting to see all of the life coming to Tasha's garden, both the joy of the gardeners happily working and the joy of the flowers bursting forth. As Tasha quoted in A Time to Keep:

"Welcome be thou
faire, fresshe May."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Welcome, indeed! Has Spring come to your garden? What's blooming now where you live? We'd love to hear!


  1. Oh everything there looks like it is coming into its own! Right now, the cherry blossom trees are in full dress and the lilacs are bursting with scent. I have already brought in a bouquet to each room. I posted a picture of my lilac displays with a picture of one of Tasha's lilac sprigs from Springs of Joy on my blog---soooo pretty:-)Here is the post, "Simply Lovely Lilacs".....



  2. This is the first year we really have a flower garden. Last fall we went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens bulb sale and purchased quite a few bulbs. We actually get to see them now!! Beautiful! Daffodils and Tulips and Crocus galore!! (still awaiting the Star of Bethlehem and few others)

  3. Dear Natalie,

    Tasha's flowers on your post are lovely! We love Tasha's May pages in "A Time to Keep" and Chaucer's quote, as well!

    There are many things blooming at Corgyncombe Cottage. Some of the things blooming about are violets and more violets everywhere, Lady's keys, primrose, apple blossoms, dandelions, lilacs, ajuga, tulips, Johnny jump ups, wild strawberries, sweet woodruff, lily of the valley, pink and white bleeding heart, forget-me-nots, a few later daffodils, and my rosemary topiary is blooming. I need to build a new arbor for my sweet peas.

    Last weekend, amidst checking my Nubian Dairy Goat to see if she was getting near kidding, I weeded my quadrant Garden of Herbs in a light rain shower. The conditions were just right for getting the weeds out with their roots. I made violet jelly last weekend from some of the violets that grow wild on the lawns around Corgyncombe Cottage.

    Our Nubian Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille kidded yesterday! Our link with photographs of the new goat kids at the Corgyncombe Courant is on your sidebar under "Blogs We Like".

    Yesterday, whilst running back and forth from house to barn and back again, I saw three Baltimore Orioles going from the apple tree to the maple trees!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  4. Spring has finally come to NE Pa. Your pics are beautiful & so wonderful to see Tasha's Garden grow!!

  5. Gorgeous!! Natalie, how happy I am that the bulbs are blooming in all their glory!! Spring has come to the Rookery, and yes, Tasha's garden has certainly come alive! The flowers bloom with much JOY!
    Happy Spring, dear friends,