Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things We Like: Hunter Wellies

 {Tasha Tudor's Wellies}

We have finally encountered a day of sunshine here in Vermont! Like many of you, we've been swinging from 90-degree weather to 50-degree weather, complete with April or October-like deluges. Our trusty wellies have been given an unseasonable workout!

 {Welly owners left to right: Josie, Ellie, Sophie, Jenna, Amy, Natalie, Christina, Tasha}

We all love our wellies here, from tiny baby Josie's first pair, to Tasha Tudor's cracked and worn pair. The majority of ours are Hunter Wellies. The company has been making fine wellies since 1856, and even the Queen approves. We bet her corgis love running alongside hers as well!

We're hoping they'll get to dry out a little bit soon. If you're inside from the rain, you can shop Hunter wellies here. They come in so many colors...Christie over at Grammy's House blog got a pair in Orchid after asking me what kind mine were. You can see hers here, in her sweet post.

In the meantime, things are drying out for a bit today between rainstorms, and we've got gardening to do!


  1. beautiful,, I think I could use a new pair and these aregood looking for sure,, I'll go right now to her blog to see hers first,,

  2. Oh dear Natalie!! Now I want a pair in green!! My dad brought me, just the other day, 3 bags full of irises to transplant at our little Rose Water Cottage. I asked if he could bring me another big batch of the shade that matches my wellies:)) I am itching to get flowers and bulbs and hydrangeas going, but we still have much unpacking to do. The backyard is covered with wild violets in the Spring, so I anxiously await Dianne at Corgyncombe Cottage to post her wild violet jelly looks divine!
    You must come by for a visit, and see the progress we've made here at the cottage.
    Seth's art stands are getting a workout! I wish I had 2 or 3 more!! Miss Eliza Dormouse is tickled with hers, but she often has to share with Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy;)
    Blessings for a sunshine-y day,

  3. I love this! We were just wearing our wellies, and were covered head to toe with mud, moving a behemoth of a granite rock from the woods into our garden! (Story on my blog, as are my own special memories of Tasha...)
    Charming site~

  4. Dear Natalie,

    How I love the picture of all the wellies lined up on Tasha's terrace! I remember seeing some snakes dart in and out of the rocks on her terrace when we had our private Take Peace Kindred Spirits Gathering Tour a few years ago. What a memorable time! Some of us on the tour were talking about the valuable friendships we have formed, even though we are , alot of us in different states, from our time at Tasha's. Amazing after her passing she has such a significant influence on so many.

    I think the pic of Tasha's well worn wellies would make a great print on a card...hint,

    Take Peace,

    Suzanne at Blueberry Cottage

  5. Oh Natalie I just love seeing all these Wellies!
    I had really hoped to see Tasha's when we were there... so excited to see then on here! And I was jus tickled to show you my Wellies :) I knew if my I brought my Wellies on the trip it would not rain for the tour haha. I would not have minded a sprinkle jus so I could have worn them. Sunshine and bare feet was just as fun! Very fun to see all the Wellies and who's they are! Mine are Hunters in brown. I sure am glad they made Hunters for us short people! So fun Natalie! Much joy, Patti

  6. @Patti, I just loved seeing yours! That put such a smile on my face! Mine are the Tall Hunters in brown. I've been wearing them all spring and summer, it seems! I baked with your lavender this past weekend and will post "soon" (soon in Rookery Ramblings time may be quite some time!) We also all LOVED the CD! It put Baby Josie right to sleep :-)

  7. @Mary, so glad to see you here! Sounds like you had quite a workout moving that rock, but I'm sure it looks lovely.

  8. I think you might need to replace that pair with holes in! Unless this is a new trend? ;)