Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Secret Garden Tours

We had lovely weather this year for our June Secret Gardens of Tasha Tudor and Family Tours. We welcome this weekend each year with great anticipation, looking forward to new friends, old friends, invigorating conversation, and delicious Stillwater Punch from Tasha's cookbook. Everyone gathers from afar, bringing with them the stories that drew them to Tasha. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend...

Ellie Tudor lead the way in Amy & Winslow's garden, showing her name tag (she begged for one when everyone else was wearing one!) and demonstrating watering with Great Granny Tasha's favorite style watering can.

Ellie also wanted to help her "Nana", Marjorie, on the Marjorie's marionette stage!

A stop at Seth Tudor's outdoor woodworking area provided little guest Konatsu the perfect opportunity to pick a dandelion for her mom!

Seth Tudor showed the candle-making display in Tasha Tudor's barn. Everyone enjoyed the brand-new tour of a portion of Tasha's home and barn this year. It was truly a special treat--the first time we've ever opened Tasha's home!

After quite a bit of walking through the family paths through the woods, our guests were treated to a lovely spread from Tasha's cookbook! I look forward to this spread all year! Notice the cookbook in the Seth Tudor art stand in the middle of the table? A bit of Stillwater Punch happened to find its way across the page! Of course we only send out the most beautiful copies for orders, so we'll be giving this otherwise perfect copy away in a future giveaway. Stay tuned for more details!

We hope you'll join us in 2012~ !


  1. And a treat it surly was! So nice to see all these photos and relive the joy in them! I love the picture of the Ellie doll on stage! That was a moment I most wished to capture. Patience and not taking pictures rewarded :) Another most favorite part was crossing that little bridge into Tasha's garden. Magical, how did you know? Your images and words capture well the most special day~ Mailed a letter to you yesterday~ Thank you all for this precious gift. Patti K

  2. Little Ellie is so adorable! Looks like you all are having a great summer. I'm so excited to hear that you're adding a bit of the house to the tour. That's amazing!~

  3. @Patti, I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the photographs! Luckily the one with Seth has you and John in it :-) This is actually the first year I have taken photographs on the tours (why didn't I do it before?! I suppose it's much easier now with the fancy new camera!). The bridge photo is actually the one coming out of the woods into the TOP of Tasha's field, not the little bridge going into the lower gardens, but magical nonetheless. Coming out of the dark woods into that shining green---ahh! Stunning! We anxiously await your letter!

    @Heather, Isn't she so cute?! She just loved the tours. We'd love to see you next summer! The house will be even more beautiful by then :-)

  4. A trip to visit is on my wish list! It sounds as if the gardens, weather, and time spent together were perfect...thanks for letting us take a peek into Tasha's world.

  5. I've wanted to take the garden tour for years! I am hopeful for 2012!

  6. How can I get tickets for 2012, would love to attend. Dawn E. Brown