Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet Peas

Ahhh, sweet peas. My favorite fragrant fairies of summer! Tasha loved sweet peas, of course. She is shown collecting a bouquet of them on the cover of Tasha Tudor's Garden, and she spills her sweet pea secrets on pages 123-124. Click here to order Tasha Tudor's Garden.


  1. How beautiful, dear Natalie!! I believe I need these in my garden;))
    I received my order today, and once again, the fragrance of wood permeated my senses... And the sweetest tiny painting on the art stand is precious!! My niece's birthday is approaching...she will be 17 august 3rd..and she is a brilliant violinist! I must send her a photo as she lives in Florida. Her daddy, my brother, is the master gardener/artist of the family...having grown the most beautiful pumpkin in April!! He is so proud of my gardening successes..and we are so proud of all he does. He developed the edible classroom project ...a community garden at his daughter's school, and they won 1st place in the state. He just returned from a conference in California! Yes, I am a very very proud elder sister;)) he is thankful for miss Tasha's wonderful influence on my life.
    I am thankful for all of you!

  2. Lovely post about sweet peas...they are delightful. My mom and I used to plant them years ago when we lived in California and they did so well. I don't seem to have the same luck here in Oregon.Thanks for taking me back to some fond memories....
    Lady Linda