Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fans & Friends

It is such a pleasure for us to share Tasha Tudor with all of you. We love hearing from you, and we especially love it when you send us pictures! These are some of YOUR wonderful photos and moments inspired by Tasha!

Two dear fans were inspired by the Mary Jane's Farm magazine article, and the recent post on our well-loved wellies. Oh how I just love that they went right out and purchased their very own! 

 Christie, who blogs at Grammy's House blog, and lives a beautiful life in her Storybook Cottage, had to have the wellies in her trademark purple! She sent me photographs of her wellies matching her irises, hydrangeas, and violets. It was hard to choose just one!

Patti chose brown, like mine. I love the outline of red around the logo, and how she matched it with the red in this photograph. So pretty! And do I spy a chicken in the corner? Patti brought these wellies with her on one of our Secret Garden Tours this summer.

Floating Birthday Cakes! We just LOVE floating birthday cakes! Look at this special celebration that Nancy sent over:

Linnie at the Butt'ry and Book'ry blog completely refashioned an old laundry room in her home back into the Butt'ry (she even found an old potato bin built in!). Her restoration looks great, don't you think? There are so many wonderful pictures to peruse on her blog, here

{That green is so "Tudor", Linnie!}

Michelle from England sent me this picture of adorable bags she made for her twin daughters for Easter. They are just darling!

Reading Material:
"An Historical Lady" and her dear husband popped by the opening weekend of the brand new exhibit "Tea with Tasha" at the Tasha Tudor Museum. She shares the story on her blog! Click here to read and view the pictures on her wonderful, wonderful blog.  {they were even featured in our local newspaper!}

Fan Elizabeth sent in this article she wrote about Tasha for the Rare Books Digest:  

Treasures illustrated by Tasha Tudor

We were  also mentioned on the pocket.change website's "Best of the Web" roundup. View it here.

Please continue to share pictures with us at fromtherookery (at) gmail (dot) com. I would love to make this a regular feature. It is so wonderful to be sharing inspiration!


  1. Natalie! It is so good to see you back at Rookery and have no idea how much you have been missed!!
    I am tickled purple over the photo;)) and isn't Linnie's renovation coming along splendidly? I drool over every post of her new home!
    The other girls' photos are inspiring, as well. I will certainly have to make some visits.
    Hoping all is well with you and Rookery family, and know that you all continue to be in our prayers.
    Always a friend,
    P.s. I have begun illustrating my little book...progress is slow but steady;)

  2. Dear Christie,

    "Tickled purple" I love it! I hope you've trademarked that ;-) I am so sorry it's taken me so long to get your pretty picture on the blog--I hope you know I've truly missed the blogging, too!Hopefully this fall & winter I will be back! So many wonderful things happen in this lovely online community!

    I am so excited about this new feature, and I do hope everyone takes me quite seriously and sends in their photos! They just make my day, and I absolutely love sharing them. Spread the word!

    Keep up the "slow and steady" pace on your work, Christie! It certainly gets the job done, and leaves time for afternoon tea, which those "deadline types" can't say!


  3. Oh Natalie thank you for the compliment and posting on my photo! Yes, you surely do spy a chicken! We have four big beautiful Buff Orpington hens. What fun it is to be a TTAF fan and share with you all! I just love the floating cakes! Hope you get loads of fun fan mail! Loves, Patti

  4. Hi Natalie,
    What a DELIGHTFUL suprise to see the "Butt'ry
    over here at the "Rookery" with many of my DEAR FRIENDS!!!:-D
    I must say it's quite the honor!!
    Blessings to you and lots of Hugs too!!