Monday, October 31, 2011

Goat Milk Soaps

Our brand-new, handmade in Vermont goat milk soaps are in stock and ready to ship! The goats were the runaway best seller and sold out right away (two batches already!) so those won't ship for another 4 weeks.  And your rooster will be cream, instead of green (but coming soon in Peppermint scent!)

Have you seen the darling packaging? I think I'll need one of each (make that two of each--one of each to display and one to use. Actually, come to think of it, they'd make great gifts...)

{Daffodil in Lemongrass or Unscented}

 {Goat in Lavender So popular they sold out- our third batch won't ship for 4 more weeks}

{Hummingbird in Lavender}

{Rooster in Unscented & Coming Soon in Peppermint...but your soap will be cream-colored instead of green}

We love supporting small Vermont businesses like our soap producers. They are so wonderful! The box wraps were printed in North Adams, MA, and the boxes were made in Greenfield, MA. Packed right here in Vermont! A product you can be pleased to support. And they're so pretty, too! At the Rookery we have one displayed in a beautiful blue willow soap dish. If you don't have an antique soap dish, or a pretty blue willow or lusterware saucer to use, perhaps pick one up from a local potter. Or try a reproduction yellow-ware soap dish, like this one from East Knoll Pottery:

No matter how you display them, they are beautiful, moisturizing, local, and so reminiscent of the wonderful things we love about Tasha: nature, animals, goats, sweet scents, and handmade gifts.


  1. what lovely soaps, beautifully packaged as well,

  2. Lovely soaps...but not in my budget (sigh). But still lovely to look at.

  3. Beautiful! I'm thinking Christmas and January Birthday gifts...would the hummingbird happen to come in lemongrass as well?

  4. Hi MaryEllen,

    These make wonderful gifts! Unfortuantely, the hummingbird is just in Lavender right now. We hope to add more scents and shapes eventually :-)

    Tasha Tudor and Family, Inc.

  5. Those look so beautiful. I have made my own soaps, but never made goats milk soap. Maybe I will give it a try sometime.

  6. These are the prettiest soaps I have ever seen!
    I love that they are made and packaged in Vermont ~ so beautiful and so very Tasha ♥