Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Springtime in Paris

Tasha Tudor and Family is very grateful for gardener Jenna! Grateful enough that they sent her to enjoy springtime in Paris! Well, Springtime in Paris in Philadelphia: the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show in March! This is one of the foremost flower shows, one that is mind-boggling in it's scale. They recreated just about every aspect of Paris in flowers: the flower markets, the underground, the cafes, the couture.

Jenna came back full of awe for the spectacular show. As she says, "We were there 3 days, at the show for 9 hours straight on Friday. The show was a block and a half long with the theme 'Spring in Paris'. Everything smelled amazing. There was still 4 feet of snow in Vermont."

 All photos copyright and courtesy of Kevin Burke

 I think her last sentence says it all : There was still 4 feet of snow in Vermont! What a treat in March! Can't you almost smell it? I'm certain that Jenna returned with renewed vigor and excitement for Tasha's garden. Now that the 4 feet of snow are gone, the hard work has begun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Update

{Winslow weeding on the upper terrace, where Marjorie planted lots of pansies}

There has been so much wonderful work done in the garden lately! The gourd and sweet pea trellises have been built and installed by Winslow, the pansies have been planted in abundance by Marjorie, the weeding has been done with diligence by Jenna. How exciting!

{the rest of the pansies waiting on Tasha's porch}

And the bulbs look amazing! Tasha's garden has over 100 different varieties of narcissus and crocus...a veritable seed catalogue on the terraces and under the crabapple trees! The upper terraces  feature many rows of the small tete a tete, one of my favorites. Here are just a few:

Christina, our shipper/packer, said the other day, "I only have a few paltry crocuses...but Spring really comes to Tasha's garden!" and she's right. Tasha's garden really comes alive in Spring.

 {Jenna takes a break from gardening early in the season to say hello to Annie} 

It's so exciting to see all of the life coming to Tasha's garden, both the joy of the gardeners happily working and the joy of the flowers bursting forth. As Tasha quoted in A Time to Keep:

"Welcome be thou
faire, fresshe May."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Welcome, indeed! Has Spring come to your garden? What's blooming now where you live? We'd love to hear!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cottage Gardening

We have a (very) few spots left for our Cottage Gardening with the Tudor Family event in early June! The cuteness of these tickets alone makes you want to attend, right? If not, how about this:

{Ellie in Tasha's garden, June 2010}

Ellie wants you to come play in the garden with us! We'll spend the entire day on the Tudor Family property, working in Tasha's garden, touring Marjorie Tudor's and Winslow and Amy Tudor's gardens, eating delicious things, laughing, enjoying....come live the Tudor lifestyle for a day. Click here for more information.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Red Efts

Red Efts are a familiar site in New England in muddy, soggy spring, but the first glance of one brings excitement indeed! I tweeted (more on twitter soon) two weeks ago that the Red Efts were crossing, as they make the journey from the muddy woods to the ponds. The Tudor family has long known this is a sure sign of spring, one of nature's many clues to us that winter will soon be banished for a few months of glorious Vermont summer.

So familiar, indeed, that Tasha included a watercolor of two boys discovering these creatures in Springs of Joy. {Check our Rare Book Shelf if you don't already own this wonderful Tudor volume. It's one of my personal favorites, and we have a few copies in stock.} This illustration is so characteristic of Tasha's work: old-fashioned children filled with an old-fashioned curiosity and excitement over nature. I'm sure Tasha was illustrating from her own life: her two sons or her two grandsons! Even little Elizabeth Tudor loves to wear her "puddle boots" to jump in puddles and loves to "smell the flowers."

 {Ellie showing Natalie "How to smell the flowers" in Granny Tasha's greenhouse, April 2011}

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Extra Thanks, Long Overdue

{A bouquet of flowers from Tasha's garden after my Thesis Reading} 

This post is so incredibly overdue, but still worth being posted, because I want everyone to know what a wonderful family we have here at Tasha Tudor & Family, even if we're not all technically family. I am so blessed to be a part of at what we do and who we are here at TT&F.

You may remember this post awhile back about our office hours changing because I was working towards my Master's in Creative Writing at Dartmouth College. Tasha Tudor and Family was so incredibly supportive (in so many ways) of my degree. I graduated in June 2010, and am so excited to be able to support them now, putting the degree to use with the Mary Jane's Farm article. And hopefully many more!

{Some Tasha-inspired fun decorations}

Of course we had a party last summer to celebrate. Have we ever mentioned how much we love parties?

 {Sophia LOVES opening mail....even when it's her card to Natalie!}

All my thanks to Amy, Winslow, Seth and Marjorie Tudor for their support during my time at Dartmouth. I absolutely couldn't have done it without their flexibility and support (and their putting up with my poetic brain and my thesis printing panic! I had pages of my thesis all over the Rookery letting the ink dry!). Writing about our beloved Tasha is the least I can do to thank them.