Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Spring from Tasha Tudor's Garden

Spring has sprung!

A gate for welcoming friends, and for welcoming Spring.

Unfortunately, it is a rainy, low-sky day here in Vermont this first week of May. I wandered through the garden last week, though, and captured these images to soothe us on just such a rainy day. 

The colors of green are so sharp to the eye used to winter's gray and brown. If you look closely at Tasha's garden watercolors, you can see her attention to detail and the different shades of green.

Red efts, fiddlehead ferns, violets, cowslips and frogs...signs of spring! 
Tasha Tudor Illustration from A Child's Garden of Verses

There is something so mysterious and touching about the textures of a rusting latch and the barn door. It speaks of time, memories, and of beauty-- three things that seem to speak directly to our lives, don't you think?

The daffodils were in full array last week, triumphant yellow blooms announcing everywhere you looked with great fanfare: Spring is here! They lined terraces like good little Spring soldiers, We're ready! We're ready! 

We invited Aran, James Beard award-nominated food writer, stylist, and photographer, along with her friend Nadia, who shares life on the "hill" (her beautiful piece of Vermont) at her blog. On a weekend poised for rain, we were blessed with a sunny, warm, inviting day for a stroll around the garden. Aran's darling little ones found the simple joys of the garden---water striders in the water barrel, throwing rocks into the pond, and carefully navigating the stone steps. The company was most enjoyable, and we could have talked all day. I think we might have to enjoy a picnic later in the summer, what do you think? 

We wish you all a wonderful May, filled with, "armfuls of delight," as Tasha says of May in Around the Year

Happy May!


  1. What a delight! So glad I found your lovely blog.

    I'm in CT & I really must make time to visit VT & the museum someday soon... Tasha has always been a part of the family, whether a book on Gramma Dolly's coffee table or my Mom's new Corgi, named Luke ;-)

    1. How sweet of you, Debra! Thank you, and we would love to see you here in Vermont :-) The gardens are only open for ticketed events, but the Museum is open much more this summer. Please check our websites! Thank you!

  2. it was so lovely and we felt very lucky to have met you, everyone is so nice and the place is a dream. hope to visit again soon.

    1. What kind words, Nadia! I was so pleased to have met you all, and do hope we connect again soon. Let's all be in touch!