Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Corgi Cottage Tours

The garden a-bloom in June

Dear Friends, 
The summer has been going faster than the water striders Ellie loves to watch flit around the rain barrels (such as they are this dry summer). Can you believe it is nearly August? There is still so much to be done! Luckily, berries have been picked, and ice cream has been made, iced tea enjoyed, and of course, we were pleased to share the June splendor with many of our fans and friends during the summer Corgi Cottage Tours: Tasha's House & Garden.

Marjorie Tudor shares basket-making techniques with a group in Tasha's Marionette Theatre. We were so pleased to meet the very sweet Schaffer family {back row in photo} who joined us this year. Atticus Schaffer plays Brick Heck on the ABCFamily television show, The Middle. He and his family, his mother especially, are long-time Tudor fans. You can see more pictures of their Vermont adventures on Atticus' Facebook page, here.

Ellie Tudor assures a Spitzenhaben that the tour guests are wonderful this year! This particular hen was looking for just the right spot to lay her egg, so Ellie brought her fresh dirt, a bushel basket, hay, and more to aid in the search.

Ellie and Natalie in Tasha's barn during a quiet moment on the tour. 

 Ellie finds endless entertainment in Granny's goat barn with her mother, Amy. She adores pretending to be a goat getting her grain from the bowl through the opening in the goat stall.

Marjorie Tudor (on far right) chats with Patti and Mary as the groups make their way to Tasha's garden through the nearly-gone-by lupine field. Everything bloomed so early and voluptuously this year. Although the lupine generally only begins to bloom in late-June, this year it was spectacular for our early-June tours and nearly gone by late-June.

Winslow (far left), brings his group from the lower terrace to the upper terrace of his Granny's garden. Winslow has been working diligently all summer to restore Tasha's garden. You can read about his efforts in the Hollyhock bank here!

The peonies were stunning this year with an overabundance (although, can one have an overabundance of flowers?) of luscious blooms.

It has been a lovely summer so far. We hope you can all say the same! 
There are a handful of tickets still available for an added September tour, and we would be so delighted to have you join us this fall! Click here for more information.

Take Joy!


  1. Very wonderful photos of the Tour Natalie! I just love looking at them, its like being there and going through again! Thank you very much for taking them and sharing them with all to see. Such memories! I adore the Ellie ones =) Thank you and Tudor family for such an out of world dream come true opportunity in seeing Tasha's world. Happy hearts, Patti & Mary

  2. For those of us who are unable to travel or take part, this newsletter is the only way we can connect and your notes and pictures keep us in touch with the love we have for Tasha and all of her work and life. So we thank you so much for the gift.....

  3. The tour this year was wonderful. Thanks for the pictures showing us some of it. We loved seeing Tasha's home and how she had it set up inside. It was a "gift" to be able to go inside. Thank you again.

  4. Thank you so much for the newsletter tour, I just enjoy it so much. Keep up the good work

  5. Thank you...california to vermont is a long road...thanks for the news letter and pictures and for being such good stewarts of the family land ..I would rather visit Tasha's home than go to Hawaii

  6. I agree with "Anonymous July 26, 2012 9:00AM" and add another THANK YOU!!!

  7. What a beautiful post, Natalie...makes me long for a visit to see all of you there at the Rookery and tour those lovely gardens. Sweet little Ellie! She is a doll...and such a nurturer helping the hen:))
    Thank you for visiting Grammy's House! I always love to see a comment from my dear makes my day:)
    My little grandie is off to kindergarten this year, and I'm hoping his new teacher is up to the challenge of his curious mind and creative spirit.
    Much joy,

  8. Natalie, Thank you for stopping by Hopalong Hollow, it is such a pleasure to meet you. I see you have many of my kindreds on your blog list: Mary, Linnie, Christie (we had a lovely visit),Sharon L., and my cousins, Diane and Sarah! It goes without saying that as an illustrator and gardener, I too, am a fan of Tasha. How could anyone not love her wondrous artwork filled with marvelous tiny detail and her amazing lifestyle. What a treat it would be to visit her gardens, they must be awe-inspiring. I strive to create the same atmosphere on my farm, but realize it will take years and years. Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri

  9. Do you have corgis present during the tours? That would be best!