Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cupcakes & Dreams

{Cupcakes baked by Natalie for tea, August 2012}

It is that time of year when things are shifting and changing. The light tilts its head, projects and garden work are done with vigor as we anticipate autumn, and a hot cup of tea is a welcome change of pace from iced. I think things within us shift and change this time of year, too. We seem to be ready for change, eagerly awaiting new things.

 {Ellie enjoys licking the frosting off her cupcake while her daddy, Winslow, animatedly tells a story.}

I, too, am anticipating new things, and digging in to new projects.  I will be moving "back home" to Minnesota, a place that holds a very large piece of my heart and childhood memories, to begin working towards my lifelong dream of owning a bakery. Yes, my heart feels a bit unsettled about all of it, more than a little bittersweet, but utterly excited and glowing with the promise of what is to come. Vermont is a very difficult place to ever want to leave! But dreams beckon loudly within us, don't you agree? What a place of inspiration to jump from, this place of beauty and wonder here in the Green Mountains, with the inspiration of a true dreamer, Tasha Tudor.

From the time she was a little girl, Tasha Tudor has known exactly what she wanted: to live on a secluded farm where she could surround herself with a garden and a menagerie of household pets and barnyard animals, and to illustrate children’s books.
~Introduction to The Private World of Tasha Tudor, by Richard Brown

 Tasha Tudor fulfilled her lifelong dream of moving to Vermont, and creating a place that suited her every sensibility...animals, fields of flowers, stone walls, gardens, a pond, a secret garden, and, of course, the house that Seth built. Tasha encouraged everyone to continue working towards their own dreams wholeheartedly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the feet of Tasha's rocking chair, soaking up the atmosphere and filling myself with the imaginative creativity, love, and generosity exuded here. I, too, have known what I wanted to do from the time I was a little girl: own a bakery and write children’s books. I have notebook upon notebook filled with bakery ideas, stories, and carefully copied recipes; stacks and stacks of cookbooks I collected; and several report cards that mention how I was constantly reading those cookbooks under my desk in school! There have been many new creations brought in to the Rookery for the expert tasting opinions of the Tudor family! Indeed, I have been a baker as long as I can remember and have held these dreams in my heart. Now seems to be the time to give those dreams wings.

{The first cake Natalie baked in Vermont, for Fourth of July on Tasha's porch, 2006}

 I am happy to say I will still be working for Tasha Tudor and Family, Inc. in a more behind-the-scenes role. Tasha's messages of self-reliance, beauty, simplicity, and the ability to make one's dreams come true are so pertinent for today's world. We must not let that flame dim. They are even more alive to me as I strive to make my own dreams come true! Exciting things are happening here, and I just couldn't bear to leave them behind. Vermont, the Tudor family, and of course you, our dear fans & friends, also hold a very large piece of my heart. It has been the utmost pleasure of mine to spend the past six and a half years getting to know you on the phone, via email, in person at garden tours and events, and through this blog and Twitter. Technology does have a wonderful way of broadening our friendship circles! Not much will change around here, except a few tweaks for the better, and I will continue to edit the blog and Twitter. I do hope you'll continue to connect with me and the Tudor family!

Take joy,


  1. I have been reading the blog for a few years now and hope you will still be part of it. Vermont is a lovely place...that is for sure... but how wonderful to pursue your dreams back home. Good luck with your new endeavor!

  2. How wonderful you are able to follow your dream! And fortunate for us that you will still be doing this blog. I'm sure, though, the Tudor family will miss your bright smile and caring touch in their day-to-day running of their business. Good luck on your new venture! I hope your family is still in Minnesota, a very good reason to move back.

  3. Best wishes on your new endeavor! Everyone should follow their dreams and do what they love. Tasha would approve, even if it meant losing you.

  4. Well, my dear Natalie...I suppose I must now come look for you in Minnesota, as we will not make it to Vermont before your time there is over...

    How exciting, though, it must be to be on the brink of a new adventure! Yes! You must follow your little girl dreams...I can certainly testify to the joy that is found as you reach for those dreams.

    God speed, dear one,

  5. What an exciting chapter to unfold in your life! Being an ardent baker I can relate to wishing to own a bakery:-) Wishing you the best, Natalie!

  6. All the best for happy new adventures into the world of baking. Take care as you travel and re-settle.

  7. Dear Natalie,

    Best wishes as you go out to pursue your dream and as Thoreau said, "the life which you have imagined"!

    We have enjoyed posting to you here on the Rookery and chatting with you on the phone!

    We wish all at Tasha Tudor and Family a happy day of memories of their dear Tasha on her birthday!

    Here is a link to our blog with our Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration 2012 post:


    We feature honey, hollyhocks, and other Tasha Tudor delights! We have some of my photographs of Tasha Tudor.

    There is a link to our blog the Corgyncombe Courant on our profile, too.

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and all the dolls, Tillie Tinkham the mouse and the little critters at the Corgyncombe Courant

  8. I have so enjoyed reading Rookery Ramblings!
    Best Wishes as you pursue your dreams Natalie. Sounds like a wonderful adventure.
    Taking Joy today celebrating Tasha Tudor's Birthday xo

  9. Heisann!

    I enjoy visiting all the Tasha-post on different blogs today.
    Mine is my first, but not the last.
    Please visit mine: http://viltogvakkert.blogspot.no/2012/08/tasha-tudor.html

    Happy day!

  10. Hi Natalie,
    What a yummy sounding new direction of your dreams!!
    I am delighted to hear you will still yet be envolved with the Tudor family and blog as well!!
    Many Blessings to you and enjoy great success!!
    Hugs from Linnie

  11. Natalie, You are right to follow this one dream. It is a wonderful thing to create your own destiny with the skills and talents that are uniquely your own. I don't know you that well, but I am excited for you! I always went my own way and sometimes it wasn't easy, but the end result is satisfying beyond belief. Wishing you every success to fulfill your lifes ambition, it is a thrilling thing!

  12. I never got to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you dear Tasha fans who have become friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the encouragement. It is such a blessing to me, and it has been (and will be) my great honor to continue sharing Tasha with the world.

  13. Natalie, Tasha would be proud of you for embracing your dream and daring to make it happen. You are continuing her legacy of living your dream. I am glad you will stay on as part of Tasha's family, as we have all come to know and love you. I wish you every success in your new endeavor. Many blessings, Vicki