Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Local Honey & Teatime for One

A vintage gold-edged tray in the garden by the stone path...
Turkey red napkins...
Blue cantonware...
Emma Bridgewater tea mug...
Multi-grain toast...
Organic, fair-trade chocolate...
Honey fresh from our wonderful graphic designer's bees in Northern Vermont.

That sound like tea for one (me!).

A day or two ago, I posted on our Twitter feed that I was enjoying some nice dark chocolate with my tea break. Our graphic designer, Kirsten, shared a photo of her tea break...toast with homemade butter and her own honey. When I mentioned that I had just run out of local honey, she handed her husband a jar fresh from their first harvest and rushed it down to Southern Vermont for us (how lucky that he was headed our way already!). 
There was much excitement in the office at the arrival of this light gold liquid tonic. So beautiful!

Kirsten told me that the honey goes very well with chocolate. Knowing that Kirsten designed our seed packets and goat milk soap boxes, I know she is a smart and creative woman, so I had to try her suggestion.

She's absolutely right. Look at that light, lovely  honey on dark chocolate.

Now I must find an extra jar or two to share this golden goodness with the rest of the family. Some things are just too good to keep to oneself :-)

Take time for tea! It is a wonderful refreshment for the spirit and mind.
What will YOU have with your tea today? I'd love to know on Twitter or in the comments! 



  1. I bought a new can of Tasha's Welsh Breakfast tea when I was there in June and find all I need is a splash of milk in it and nothing else. It satisfies all by itself!

    1. I agree, Cathy! Most days I take my tea black, or with a splash of milk and the tiniest spoon of sugar. Today I put this lovely honey on my toast with butter---mmmm. Lovely!

  2. What a beautifully yummy post, dear Natalie! Ahhh....dark chocolate is my absolute favorite, and how delicious it looks dipped in honey! I must try;)))

    Have a lovely day,

    P.S. I love the goat's milk soap boxes...they were a huge hit at Christmas!

  3. This looks so lovely, and I wish I were having tea in a garden, but alas, I am at my desk at work instead!

    1. I'm at my desk, too, but luckily I'm never far from a moment's break in a garden or with tea :-) I did have a friend who worked in retail and ALWAYS brought a teacup and thermos of tea to have at 3pm!

  4. Mmm.. local honey. I can't wait till we harvest ours!
    I always must have honey in my tea. I'm afraid, I am worse than the bears. =] Today, I think I'll have some fresh cantaloupe and walnuts with my tea. In fact, I am getting off this computer to go have it right now. It's tea time!