Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, George Washington!

Oh my goodness! I had this blog post all set to publish yesterday, but please forgive me, as time got the best of me! I am so sorry, but here it is, a day late---Happy Belated Birthday, George Washington!

Today, February 22nd, is George Washington's Birthday, a day that the Tudor family has long-celebrated. The ties of the family to the General are explained by Tasha on page 80 of the Tasha Tudor Cookbook, where she also shares the receipt for her Washington Pie (that is actually a cake, rather like the Boston Cream Pie misnomer!). 

Right now, we have this marvelous image of Tasha's Washington Pie celebration available on our "For Collectors" section of the website! The original watercolor, stunningly framed in museum-quality glass and acid-free materials. This would make a marvelous birthday present for just about anyone in your life! This item was also displayed in the Tasha Tudor Museum's first-ever exhibit, Tea with Tasha.
Have a beautiful Wednesday and George Washington's Birthday (it is also Ash Wednesday!). 
Be well and take joy, 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Love is my life, life is my love,
Love is my whole felicity,
Love is my sweet, sweet is my love,
I am in love, and love in me.
~Michael Drayton from A Shepherd's Garland
as quoted in Tasha Tudor's All for Love

Happy Valentine's Day from us to you! 

February Fans & Friends

Another "Fans & Friends" post for February! We just have the most creative and wonderful fans. When they tell me of their projects, I just have to ask for photos, and then, of course, I don't want to keep them to myself! 

Here are some projects and fun things we've been hearing about lately, from YOU! 

Rebecca in Pennsylvania decorated some Gingerbread ornaments in true Tasha-style for Christmas: 

 I think they turned out just fabulous! And, of course, I love the red ribbons.

Sweet Joelle from France ordered some of our A is for Annabelle fabric and stayed up the last few nights before Christmas to help St. Nicholas deliver some beautiful doll clothes to her daughter. 

 Sweet dreams are a sure thing under Annabelle sheets and quilts!

I just adore this frock and the edging!

The sweet bed, all made up in Tasha fabrics.

Yet another darling dress. 
Joelle, I think you need to make matching clothes for your dear little girl next!

Patricia in Argentina sent me a lovely photo of her Tasha-inspired baking day...

Patricia, you'd better put a BIG pot of Corgi Cottage Soup on, because I'm coming over for lunch!

 Joyce sent over her absolutely lovely handmade Tasha Tudor doll (such a wonderful job, Joyce!) enjoying a snow lantern:

Snow lanterns are a Scandinavian tradition Tasha has taken into her fold of Christmas magic. The magic is made by packing snowballs, and crafting an igloo with a small space in the back to insert a candle. Aren't they enchanting?

Elizabeth has written an "All for Love" inspired post on some of Tasha's Valentine's Day traditions on the Rare Book Digest.

Amy wanted me to share my own latest personal project. I wrote an article on modest and budget-friendly fashion (though I must warn you it is modern fashions) for Life:Beautiful magazine Winter 2012. If you're interested in ordering a copy, just call me up at the Rookery, as we'll have a few on hand soon! This is a beautiful magazine filled with "Faith for Your Journey" and I think some of you might find it inspiring.

Please continue to send me your photos of your Tasha-inspired projects. We truly just love to see and share them. We've still got a good bit of winter left to work on projects, so I'll expect to see lots of pictures soon :-) 

Be well and take joy!