Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Giveaway!

 We are pleased to announce an Autumn Giveaway! We have so much fun picking things we think you'll love. This time, we've partnered with Lisa Cruse, who makes stunning knitted & felted bonnets and patterns for children and adults. The spirit of Lisa's creations very much echoes Tasha's own interests in heirloom crafts, bonnets, and beautiful delights. Take a look below:

Isn't this wool bonnet so marvelously old-fashioned?  It looks adorably cozy. The detail and colors are oh-so-lovely.

While Lisa also makes and sells these beautiful bonnets, she, much like Tasha, encourages everyone to try their own hand at creating.The end result is so worth the effort! Lisa has created patterns to help guide you through the process.

We're pleased to be pairing two of Lisa's bonnet patterns AND the out-of-print classic Tasha Tudor book, Heirloom Crafts, by Tasha Tudor and Richard Brown. These items are certain to get your creativity flowing for the colder months ahead (and Christmas gifts, of course!).

To enter,  all you have to do is leave your name and an email address or link to your blog in a comment (so we can contact you)!  Entry closes at midnight on October 10th. Tell your friends and spread the word! We'll choose one winner at random.

Good luck and Happy Autumn!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tasha Tudor's 97th Birthday

A few weeks ago, on August 28th, we celebrated what would have been Tasha Tudor's 97th birthday. It is a day to fill with special little remembrances, sharing, and a celebration of the many gifts Tasha gave us all.
I began the morning with Corgiville Fair and a handmade mug from Harrisville, NH, the town that Tasha modeled Corgiville after.

I admired the beautiful morning light on the Turkey Red tablecloth...

Then there were preparations for a tea party at the Tasha Tudor Museum...

And making tussie-mussies with flowers that Amy & Ellie cut from the gardens.
  (Instructions are in the back of the out-of-print All for Love)

We had such a lovely group of guests, with folks from Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Japan!
 (Can you spy a Cricket corgi puppy in the corner? Carolyn took her home this summer from our garden tours, and of course she wanted to join in the birthday festivities)

Leigh, Museum Curator, with Melinda, wonderful Museum Volunteer!

We ended the special evening with tea, birthday cake, and a reading of Becky's Birthday. Everyone shared special memories of Tasha, and we all seemed enthralled with the happiness that stems from flowers, projects, tea sandwiches, birthday cake, and several cups of tea each. 
No one wanted to leave this magical time of sharing, but alas, the night was dark, and we all had to journey home. 

Tasha's inspiration stays alive in our hearts and memories, and we felt so blessed to share with everyone who attended our event, the Tasha Tudor Museum Society event in Pennsylvania, and everyone who joined us online and in their own special ways in their own homes. 
Thank you!

Take joy,