Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tasha Tudor Day Tea 2013

Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor! 

Last week was Tasha Tudor's 98th birthday, and we celebrated with a lovely cake and tea party on Tasha's porch.  Winslow came in from pruning the garden, Amy arrived toting baby Katie, Ellie skipped in wearing her new favorite "fairy dress," and I came bearing berries and a cake. Henry the dog settled in a most lucrative spot for potential falling cake crumbs.

At the center of the scene, a lovely white cake stood three layers tall, with black currant jam in between the layers and a whipped vanilla frosting, made even more enticing with a heap of fresh berries. What a treasure fresh berries are, what a luxury!
The white cake receipt is from a Tudor family favorite cookbook, A World of Baking by Dolores Casella.

{Ellie's chalkboard birthday sign for Granny}

Ellie Tudor made Granny a "Happy Birthday" sign on the chalkboard. Ellie walked from guest to guest holding out one color of chalk at a time saying, "Did Granny like THIS color?" Baby Katie was enamored with the lace overlay as she celebrated her first Tasha Tudor Day. It was also a special day for Ellie, as she was gifted (by her parents) a child-size antique pink lustre tea cup of her very own, in Tasha's favorite pattern. She went around the table "reading tea leaves" for the guests, making predictions that involved hiking with Henry in the very near future. Oh, how precious is childhood imagination!

{Winslow Tudor cutting the cake}

It was a hot day, but Tasha delighted in hot weather, and it rarely stopped her from taking her tea hot (though iced was also welcome). Winslow Tudor cut seconds of the cake as Natalie poured seconds of tea, and we laughed and reminisced about previous birthday parties and tea times on this small porch that can hold so many years of memories and so much happiness.
Thank you all so much to those of you who joined in with celebrations of your own, and all of the lovely notes and comments we received. It means so much to know that Tasha touched so many of your lives as she did ours.

Our Mystery Rose Giveaway in honor of Tasha Tudor's birthday is still open until midnight tonight, Wednesday, September 4th. Please CLICK HERE to leave a comment on that post for your entry to be counted. 

Winslow, Amy, Elizabeth, and Katherine Tudor at Tasha Tudor's 98th birthday tea, 2013.

Take joy, 
Natalie and the Tudor Family


  1. This is a wonderful post! I love Tasha's porch the most and was glad to see you all took tea there to celebrate.

  2. Oh how magical! It is so very wonderful to continue to celebrate Tasha and feel her warmth and presence in doing so. Happy Tasha Day all! And I am so deeply happy to have Natalie there and sharing stories <3 PKing

  3. esa torta se ve sabrosísima, feliz Cumple Tasha y todos sus admiradores y cariños a tan bella familia!!!

  4. Natalie - are you living back in New England now or just back "on business"?

  5. What a beautiful Tasha Day you had! And how special for the girls to have wonderful times like these on granny's porch. Now I'm wanting cake!

  6. Tasha is so greatly missed!

  7. What a lovely honor of a very lovely life....blessings...I had tea on my porch as well,on Tasha's birthday :)
    Here's the link if you would like to go visit.

  8. Natalie, thanks so much for posting this! We love Tasha and your family, it's like we get "invited" to celebrate with you.

  9. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. That cake looks wonderful with the berries!

  10. Oh how lovely, the cake has my mouth watering. Such a sweet family portrait.

  11. Loveliness itself.

    I always love to celebrate Tasha Tudor's Birthday. She inspires me so much. =]
    Here is a link to my Tasha Tudor day post.

    Thanks for the lovely post!

  12. Do you know which white cake receipt it was in the book? My daughter gave me the book for Christmas and can hardly wait to bake it.

  13. My daughter just gave me the book for Christmas. Do you know which receipt the white cake was made from? I can hardly wait to bake from this book!

    1. What a nice gift, Julie! The Becky's Birthday Cake receipt should do quite nicely!