Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Homemade Bread

On a quiet, rainy day, the allure of homemade bread cannot be overstated. The process is calming, lulling, almost, and the scent of yeasty dough rising and freshly-baked bread topped with butter and honey intoxicating. 

Homemade bread is a family tradition for the Tudors, and this industrial-sized mixer has baked hundred and hundreds of loaves for the family over decades. It was originally used by Seth Tudor, who would turn out family-sized batches of bread weekly for only 45 cents a loaf. 

Now, Winslow Tudor carries on the family bread-baking tradition, using the same mixer, the same Vermont King Arthur flour, the same wheat berry grinder, and the same dedication to making wholesome, tasty, beautiful bread.

Ellie loves to help with the weekly bread baking, carefully holding the spoon for the salt. 

And happily pouring in the oil. 

Ellie instructing me (Natalie) how to properly give the dough a good squish into the pans. 

Beautiful bread rising in cast-iron bread pans. 

And eventually there are four beautiful loaves, fresh out of the oven, cut into thick slices and slathered with fresh butter and local honey, a treat to be savored by the senses, for it smells and tastes every bit as good as it looks, and the process is just as nourishing as the finished product. 
The bread goes great alongside Tasha Tudor's Potato and Onion Soup, both recipes found in The Tasha Tudor Cookbook. This cookbook, perhaps along with one of our beautiful wooden ladles, will quickly become treasured favorites and make a great gift!

On these quiet early-winter days, enjoy the time spent in the process...the process of baking bread, making holiday presents, and being present in the moment. The days are fleeting but the memories last a lifetime. 

Take Joy, 


  1. It is cloudy and cold here in Kansas...perfect day for making bread. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love this!!!!!! After meeting Natalie (my name also ;-) ) and the rest of the Tudor Family, it is so fun to see picture's and know who everyone is!!!!! We will be back some day!! Until then Happy baking, My Friends : - } Love, Natalie Ketelhut, Pukwana S.D.

  3. Is the bread recipe in the cookbook, too? It looks delicious! I've never seen cast iron bread pans. Does it make a huge difference from regular aluminum pans?

  4. How wonderful homemade bread and soup! and especially your words!The photos are lovely. I would love to be there with you making the bread, soup and especially for your company.I admire a lot.A big hug.Mª Carmen Duque.

  5. I can smell that bread all the way down here in Tennessee. That must be some recipe!

    1. I can smell it here in Florida also Jeri!!

  6. Beautifully written and oh-so true. We're under a winter snow warning...maybe 6 inches of've inspired me to bake some bread for our family snow day! -Mary

  7. Mmmmmm....think I may need to get her cookbook and the wooden ladle!! Sounds delish!!